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Just now I realized its been a while since I've said anything regarding what I work on. Time passed quite fast. I have to say, 2018 was PROGRESS. For the first time in a long while, visible, quite big progress. And I'm thankful for everyone that made it possible : F-777, Boom Kitty, Snapski, Dragoneex , Mudstep, Frictional , Emplexx , Spirits , Canonblade , Fade , cloudfield ( or CLOUD_ now I guess ) , Xtrullor , TeslaX ( now Talurre ) , Miyolophone ( taught me a lot about music theory ) , VEX , Ravitex... and all those guys? just on the music side of things. Regarding music, I have decided the 2 genres I'll do most of the time around here : soundtrack ( battle themes, boss fight themes, ambiental and just about anything for ost ) and electronic ( Breaker is a good example for that one and I loved working on it and I'm looking forward to anything I might end up doing in that style). I already have several songs I'm working on and I expect to release them one after another once they're done.

However, this ain't all! I've been trying this year to extend my work beyond just music : designs and drawing , story writing and....game developing! I have a lot of stuff I want to finish and show you regarding all of them, but they're still wayyy unfinished. Regarding drawing, I'm slowly approaching decent standards and I think this year I'll already have stuff I can actually look at without cringing, which is great because a few months ago I couldn't even draw a leg/arm/torso/whatever. Story writing : I'll be direct here and say everything I've done regarding it : I love good stories, I've always paid attention to that aspect of games, shows, mangas etc. and I wanted to start trying to do it myself. I had planned a comics/manga series a while back, but I'm unsure if it'll ever happen. The ideea is still there, a few finished chapters are still there, but I am not sure they're as good as I'd want them to be so that might remain just a lost project.

And now, time for the TRUE big news : games. I'm gonna start coding games, writing story for games, making music for games. This has always been my aim, but now, now its almost a reachable goal. I am really hyped about it and I cannot wait to finish something. I have big plans and a big game somewhere behind it all, but that one's gotta wait. For now, I'm gonna work on simpler games and gain experience...they'll be free and probably published on itch.io and gamejolt. 2019 will be a year filled with plans and dreams, ideeas and attempts at making them come true. Hopefully, 2019 will be the first time I reach some goals using the progress from 2018 as a foundation. Thanks for sticking around!